– Back is the main structural support for your trunk (TORSO) .

– This muscle help you move your body . including your back , neck , head , shoulder , arms and legs . your back muscles work together allow to bend over , twist & turn your head and extend your back. 

– Your back has many different muscles . some support your spine & trunk . others help you to move your body , stand up straight & assist with breathing. 

SUPERFICIAL MUSCLES – These muscles help you to move your arm , shrugs , shoulder & keep your spine straight . Superficial muscles include . 

1 Latissimus dorsi (LATS) – It helps you to rotate your shoulder & arms . 

2 Levator scapulae – It raises your scapuale shoulder (SHOULDER BLADE).

3 Rhomboids – There are 2 Rhomboids muscles (major or minor) that work together to pull your scapulae inward towards the spine.    

best exercise for wider back 💬


-The LAT pull down is a strength training exercise designed to develop latissimus dorsi muscles 

– LAT  is short form of  latissimus dorsi which is the name of muscle being worked . the are also located for dorso-laterally on the upper half of the body at the back . posterior to the arms .

– by engaging the Lats in hypertrophy were able to increase their size which can be beneficial for a number of reasons. 

Benefits of doing lat pull down exercise💬  

– having bigger , thicker , lats will shorten the distance you need to bring the bar down when bench pressing .

as the bar will reach your chest quicker due to thickness of your lats making the length of the arms apper shorter , this means that the movement of bench pressing is made easier.  



– The lat pull down is one of the accessory movement that many people overlook when it come to improve anything other than strength of the back and hypertrophy of the lats .

– however it is very valueable exercise for specifically increasing hypertrophy of the lats improving bench press technique . 

#Targeting the lats muscles

– The lats are such a huge muscles they are involve in a compound movement of exercises . 

– deadlift is one the exercise include lats to play a part in number of muscles in the back are activated when performing this movement &

its important that each one is able to handle a share of the load because of the deadlift is one of the most taxing exercises. 


– performing lat pull down have a similar range of motion to pull ups however your able to use a stricter form because of your seated posture & adjust the weight depending on your level of strength. – its also quicker to perform drop sets using a resistance machine version of lat pulldown , rather than using a weight belt.  

steps to perform- 

step1- sit on lat pull down machine & adjust the knee so there is no space and you are seated tightly. 

step2- place your feet flat on floor, push chest upward and out. 

step3- retract your scapula , which should not create a arch leaning away from the machine. 

step4- take hold up the bar , with your hands in a wide grip ( this should be declined portion off the long bar , both sides) 

step5- when your in your starting position inhale and make sure keep posture without letting your scapula loosen or your shoulder raises.  

step6- exhale when you began the movement (concentric contraction ) .

pull throw your elbow until your able squeeze your lats at the bottom of the movement on the shoulder blades are together. 

step7- slowly raise the bar back up until your arms are extended & back in starting position. 

NOTES – pull through your elbows , keep your head neutral keep a slight arch in your upper back (backward) ,

do not disengage scapula or shoulders at the top of the movement

( this will take tension of the lats). 


– Try incorporating 3-4 sets of 8 to 12 reps of this exercise in your routine ;

you can also add drop sets in your plan when using the lat pulldown resistance machine to increase the intensity.

– Remember to use progressive overload .

once you feel capable to do 12 reps then you increase the weight of the exercise. 

– As well as this , each should go up in a weight ( and more often then not , down in reps ) 

Stay consistent!

Enjoy back training!

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