BEST CHEST EXERCISE your pecs are composed of two individual muscles , the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. the pec major has two distinct heads which can impact exercise selection

; the clavicular head (and your pec minor) make up the “upper chest”. there is no lower chest, anatomically speaking. 


You will only need the standard gym equipment to perform these exercise, such as an adjustable bench, barbell, dumbbells, cable machine and parllel bars. you can also use long expanders or kettlebells. then its up to you how you combine basic exercises with their slightly different variations. also keep in mind that it is necessary  to engage the upper, middle, and , lower part of the large pectoral muscle (muscles pectoralis major), which plays a crucial role in the size of the chest. 

1. Bench Press  

– starting position: lie on your back on a horizontal bench. press your shoulder blades together and grab the bar (overhand grip). keep your wrists and elbows right under the bar. your hands should be slightly wider than the shoulder-width . the feet are on the floor during the whole exercise with approx. 90degrees at your knees . you can slightly bend your back. activate your core and glutes. 

– performance: grab the bar above your chest. then slowly lower it towards your chest while inhaling . the bar should slightly touch the chest in the lower position (approx. in the middle of the sternum). in the position, the arms form an angle of 45-60 degrees with the body.

then press the bar up by activating the chest muscles while exhaling until your arms are almost straight . the upward motion of the bar should create a slightly curve . once u return to the starting position, do the next Rep. 

– common mistakes: elbows point towards the body, uncontrolled movement, improper weights , excessively bent back , insufficent core and glute activation small range of motion.

#other exercise variations ( BEST CHEST EXERCISE )

1. Dumbbell chest press 

If you do not have a barbell, you can perform this exercise with dumbbells.

the advantage is that dumbbells allow you to exercise both sides of the body separately and load the muscles in a bigger range of movement. when moving upwards ,

push the dumbbell together. that will put more load on the inner part of the pectoral muscles. 

2. bench press with narrow  or wide grip 

you can easily change muscles activation by adjusting the grip width . in the narrow grip, you will feel triceps or in the case of wider one

, with your arms farther apart, you will engage your pectoral muscles more intensively. 

2. Incline dumbbell chest press

– Starting position: Lie on the bench head 30-45 degree angle. grab the dumbbells (overhand grip) bend your arms raise them below shoulder level .

palms points to the front. rest your the feet with entire surface should be on the floor . activate your core. 

– performance: extend your arms forward by activating your pectoral muscles while exhaling. on the way up , push up the dumbbells together.

return to the starting position with controlled movement while inhaling and move on to the next rep. 

– common mistakes: uncontrolled movement, arched back, inappropriate weights, a small range of motion. 

#other exercise variations according to primarily targeted area

1. Targeting the upper pectoral muscles ( BEST CHEST EXERCISE )

1.1. Incline bench press 

Lie on the incline bench with a positive incline of 20-45degree angle placed under the barbell on the stand . grab the bar (overhand grip) and proceed the same way as with a classic bench press.

the bar should touch your chest a little higher in the lower position in this variation. 

1.2. Incline kettlebell chest press 

you can also replace dumbbells with one two kettlebell in this exercise. hold them by the handle and try to bring them closer in the upper position in the same way as dumbbells.

if you only have one kettlebell or one dumbbell exercise on one side first, then on the other. 

2. Targeting the lower part of pectoral muscles 

2.1. Decline dumbbell chest press 

Lie o the incline bench with negative incline of 30-40degree. grab the dumbbell and perform the same movement as with the incline dumbbell bench press. 

2.2. decline bench press 

Lie on the incline bench with a negative incline of 30-40 degrees. grab the bar placed on the stand (over hand grip) and proceed the same way as with a class.

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