MUSCLESMATE blog Best Supplements brands in india for muscle growth

Best Supplements brands in india for muscle growth

 Best Supplements brands in india for muscle growth

– Best Supplements brands in india for muscle growth protein powder is dietary supplement that consists of protein isolated from food sources . dietary supplement , as there names indicates , are meant to supplement. 

– protein powder the amino acids that are important for growth , maintenance & repair of the body cells and muscles. 

– protein powder can help people bulid muscles. having the powder before and after a workout may help speed up recovery from resistance and endurance training. 


1. Best for a range of flavors : optimum nutrition gold standard 100% whey

2. Best for dietary restrictions : Bipro BOLD Whey + milk protein isolate 

3. Best for high quality protein : My protein impact whey protein 

4. Best for vegetarians : True nutrition RBGH / soy free whey protein isolate 

5. Best for high protein diets : Now sports chicken bone broth powder 

6. Best for post-workout : Muscletech nitro tech 100% whey protein  

7. Best for vegans : Evlution nutrition stacked plant protein 

In 2015, protein powders become the second-biggest selling product in the sports nutrition market , after sports drinks , with sales of $4.7billion. 

A 2014 study found that consuming protein products , such as these powders , helps reduce muscles soreness & prevent muscles damage after workouts . a 2021 study with competitive soccer players points out that increasing daily protein intake can help reduce deterioration during intensive training 


Q. HOW WE CHOSE ( Best protein powder )

=  Medical news today chooses protein powder that meet the following criteria 

– Price : products suits a white range of budget 

– ingredients : products list all ingredients clearly , with manufactured processes outlined 

– safety : product contain ingredients deemed safe for ingestion 

– reputation :  products are form business  that adhere to industry best partices 


1. Best range of flavors : optimum nutrition gold standard 100% whey ( Best protein powder )

– price : from around $38 

– protein source : whey isolate 

– available flavors : 18 

– Optimum nutrition specializes in protein supplements . the gold standard whey protein is one of best-selling products. 

– This product main ingredient is whey protein isolate , because the powder also contains whey protein concentrate , there are 24g (Grams of protein) in a single serving. 

– people can easily mix the powder with liquid by using a shaker or spoon. the company recommends mixing 1scoop into 6-8ounces (oz) of cold water or milk. 

Advantages & Disadvantages ( Best protein powder )

– This supplement offers a wide variety of flavors choices . the companyalso offers free delivery on orders over $75. 

– however , it is important to note that ingredients and nutritional information will very depending on the flavor. A person should carefully consider which best fits their needs and ensure the flavor does not contain any ingredients they wish to avoid. 

#The nutritional facts for each serving of 1scoop or 29g, of the unflavored powder are: 

– calories : 110  

– fat : 1g

– protein : 24g  

– carbohydrates : 2g  

– sugar : 1g 

2. Best for dietary restrictions: Bipro BOLD Whey + Milk protein isolate ( Best protein powder )

– price : from around $29 

– protein source : 70% whey protein isolate and 30% milk protein isolate u

– available flavors : 3 

– Bipro specializes in protein supplements and has a wide range of protein powder .The       Bipro BOLD is one of its best-reviewed products. 

– BiPro BOLD is free of lactose, gluten and harmones it is also orthodox uninon koshar certified . its main ingredient is whey protein isolate , and each serving contains 23g of protein. 

Advantages & Disadvantages 

– This product contains coconut oil powder without genetically modified organisms (GMO) which provide 2g of healthy fats per serving . BiPRO BOLD only contains natural sweeteners and flavors . 

– However , this means this supplement is not suitable for people with coconut allergies.

#The nutritional facts for each serving of 1scoop , or 39g, are: 

– calories : 160 

– fat : 3.5g 

– protein : 23g 

– carbohydrates : 8g  

– sugar : 1g

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