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Musclesmate  is a globally renowned fitness brand that has made its mark in India. With a strong legacy dating back to 1965 in Venice Beach, California, musclesmate has become synonymous with fitness excellence and innovation. musclesmate India carries the legacy ahead in the home country since its inception in 2002. World-class fitness facilities and a comprehensive range of workout programs tailored to meet the needs of diverse fitness enthusiasts is what sets us apart from others. 

Musclesmate India , a part of this esteemed legacy , has expanded its presence across various cities, aiming to empower individual to achieve their fitness goals. regardless of their fitness levels or aspirations . it's a fitness haven that combines state-of-the-art equipment, expert trainers, and a supportive community to foster a holistic approach approach to wellness.  

         Our Business Verticals

Gold's Gym India business comprises of 2 verticals- Musclesmate

We are one of the largest gym chains in India with 150+ active clubs & been in India since 2002

GGFI opened its doors for all the fitness enthusisats in 2006 has successfully produced thousands of personal trainers and health coaches.


The diverse range of programs, from group exercises, corporate training to personalized training, caters to varying fitness levels and goals. Members get variety and the option of customization as each gym offers a diversity of exercise options and specialized programs, allowing members to choose activities that align with their interests and fitness objectives. Personalized training programs ensure workouts are tailored to individual needs, maximizing results. Participating in group exercises fosters a sense of community among members, providing social support and encouragement, which can be instrumental in maintaining consistency in their fitness journey.

Corporate Membership

Don’t have time to go to the gym? We get the gym to you. muscledsmate India offers corporate membership programs tailored for companies looking to promote employee wellness and fitness. These programs are designed to encourage a healthier workforce by providing BMI screening, diet and nutrition counselling, fitness activities and seminars for building a healthier lifestyle.

Personal Training

Musclesmate India is known for the competent personal trainers and extraordinary personal training offered by them. The individuals seeking for serious goal-oriented fitness, personalized guidance, motivation, and specialized workout plans, Gold’s Gym India personal training program is for them.

Group Program

Musclesmate India provides a variety of group fitness programs such as dance fitness, yoga, HIIT, and much more tailored to cater to diverse fitness preferences and goals. These group programs offer a supportive environment and a sense of community while engaging participants in fun and effective workouts.


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